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Festive Holiday Dinner: Roasted Vegan Ham with Tofu, Pumpkin & Pineapple, and Vegan Yorkshire Pudding with Gravy, Part 2 of 2

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“For the gravy, you just use the same vegetable broth seasoning. One full tablespoon; put into a bowl. And some mushroom seasoning, also a full tablespoon. You put in a little Maggi and a little apple juice to make it liquidized, and then you stir it so all the ingredients dissolve. Then you add a little purified water. You let it stand there for a while.

And now, because the vegan ham is cooked, you can also use the mixture of gravy that you just made, wow, it’s cooked nicely, and put it over the hot cooked vegan ham so all the gravy will be together in there, and it’s also very nice. It’s going to be cooked nicely. And we don’t have to make separate gravy. You see! It’s convenient like that also.

It is a little bit fatty what we’re doing, but it’s the holiday season, and you eat it only once in a while. And then you wash it all down with juice or some different non-alcoholic cocktail, or non-alcoholic champagne, which we’re going to have. So, this is our veggie ham and tofu, already roasted. And we have all these beautiful, nutritious boiled vegetables, and our vegan Yorkshire pudding is done! There it is. When it’s done, the bottom is very golden, and the top is also golden a little. That is when it’s done. And we’re going to put it on the plate. Look at how golden, see? That’s what it is. Good! Christmas dinner!”

“We have Creole non-alcoholic cocktail. And you can also have champagne here, no alcohol. We pray first, and we thank God. Thank God and wish the world peace and survival and everybody becomes vegan, and people will live happily ever after. And we also thank God for this bountiful feast, and we thank all involved to make this feast possible and we wish them all happiness.”
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