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A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan)

Sauté Pocket Tofu Shreds, Boiled Water Spinach, Cucumber Cup, Instant Orange Soy Milkshake

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“I’m going to do a simple meal again today. Simple but very, very nutritious and tasty. Today we have Tofu Bao, the pocket tofu. I’m going to sauté them and make them very, very delicious, savory. So we shred them like this, simple, easy. And we eat them with Aulacese (Vietnamese) water spinach.

Water boiled already. So we will throw in the vegetable. It’s water spinach and a little carrot and red pepper for color and vitamin, of course. You put the vegetables in and let it re-boil, and you turn the heat off because we don’t want to cook it too much.

We’re going to throw it in, tofu pockets, and stir it well. And you also put in a handful of pine nuts. Both of them are going to be very, very nice. The vegetable is already cooked. We have some rice here and then we just transfer this into a corner of the plate. And we also get the vegetable out and arrange it on the plate, nicely. Perfect. Nutritious. This is very simple. Anyone can make it; even children can make it. Right. We put it on the table and can eat already. But we could also make a salad to go with it if there’s not enough for you.”

“All we do is we have cucumber and tomatoes, it’s easy. And now, all the tomatoes and cucumber that you have prepared, you chop them together very, very fine, into fine pieces. When you are in college, or school, when you are far away from home, you can cook these things and be independent. You don’t have to always eat in the canteen, if you have a choice. Like this you can cook a good meal in five minutes, ten minutes.

Cucumber, tomatoes, and coriander, mixed already. I have prepared some sauce here; it’s just olive oil, vinegar, a little black pepper, a little sugar. Then you mix it up, like that. It’s good, good mix, I taste. Very good, very good.”

“We can also make some instant (vegan) milkshake for your friend. You buy soya milk, ready-made and some orange juice. Now you fill the glass with half of the soya milk or one-third of the soya milk, and then you fill the rest with orange juice, or maybe some other juice. There you are, then you have an instant (vegan) milkshake.”
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