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A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan)

Vegan Prune Cake & Vegan Biscotti with Homemade Prune Jam, Part 1 of 2

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“Hi there! It is September. In September and August, we have lots of fruit, and especially prunes, this kind, brownish, black or blue, and some green. We’re going to make some prune cake. It’s all washed. And now, you’re going to cut them into small slices, like this. So after removing the seed, we will just cut them into small pieces.

OK, let’s make the dough first. This is a very simple cake or pie. Prune cake. All you need is about 250 grams of flour, either white flour or wholemeal brown flour. And then you put it in a bowl. And then you need 50 grams of brown sugar. This is about 50 grams of brown sugar. Put it together with the flour. And you get a pinch of salt and throw it in there. Now we mix them up together. OK, we add some more water. Altogether, it would be about half a cup of water. If you put too much, it will be too wet and difficult to handle. We knead the dough together so that it becomes one ball like this. Now, we need a little flour on the chopping board or working board, so the dough doesn’t stick on the board. And then we flour your roller also. Then you roll it into a square piece, which is just enough for your cooking tray.

And you grease your tray with some vegan butter. Cover the tray with the whole dough. And arrange it so that it just fits in the tray. Arrange the dough on your tray. We’re going to put the prunes on top and make a cake out of it. Now we’re going to turn on the oven.

We’re waiting for the oven to be heated up, while we prepare the cake. I’m going to put the prunes on top. There, nicely. The oven is heated. We’re going to make it fast. OK, it’s done. I’m going to pop it in the oven. Both upper and lower heat, 25 minutes. And if it’s not cooked yet, it’s not golden brown when you take it out; then you turn it on a little bit more, a couple of minutes.”

“Cooking is an art. It’s not automatic. So whatever you think is not right according to your liking, you correct it a little bit. Have fun with cooking. It’s an art. It’s an art to make people happy. It’s an art to offer something that is pleasurable and sociable, to invite friends, to show love to the family members.”
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