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A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan)

Biscotti with Vegan Cheese, Vegan Ham & Tomatoes, Mixed Vegetables Sauté, Deep-fried Plantains, Crumbled Tofu, Part 2 of 2

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“There’s one in, two, three, and four. Fry it until it’s golden on both sides. Good, we are going to get the banana out before they cry. Banana goes onto the plate. Now the oil is leftover, we can use it, so we don’t waste it. Now, it’s already hot anyway. All right, we put in the vegetables, the cabbage, and the red bell pepper. And sauté it. Sauté it, good. If you have some mushroom seasoning, you put in like a teaspoon or half a teaspoon. If you don’t have, you just put Maggi alone. For now, I put in a few drops of Maggi, like half a teaspoon, a few drops, and mix it together. Wow, smells nice already.”

“It’s quicker when it’s crumbled. It’s quicker when you don’t have enough time., Crumble the tofu; it cooks quicker. Actually, for the tofu, you can put any kind of spice, you can put cumin powder. See, I have some cumin powder here. And I also have some ground turmeric., cumin powder. We just put half a teaspoon each on top of the tofu. The turmeric is for the color. Sometimes when your guests are not used to life without egg, you can put the turmeric a little bit in the tofu like that.”

“Wow, I think I need a bigger plate because we can arrange better things on it. Well, it looks good in any case; it looks delicious. I’m going to put the banana on it as well, carefully. Banana goes on one side, like that. That’s good. And put rice on it, and it will be just fine. Here we have the rice. You can have white rice or brown rice. I give the guests both. There. See how nice it looks already. There we are. We have the meal ready. Simple, nutritious and your guests will like it very much.” “I try it myself. Wow, tastes good. All we need is just a spoon and a fork. For the banana, mixed with the tofu and vegetable and rice tastes so good.”

“If we want to truly lead a life of ‘Love thy neighbor,’ our neighbors should include our animal friends, especially since they harm us in no way. They only beautify our lives; they are loving, and they make our lives more lively, colorful and interesting. We should preserve them, watch them, love them and enjoy their presence. God has made it clear; Hes says, ‘I made all the animals to befriend you and help you.’”
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