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A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan)

Nori Seaweed Wrap & Boiled Mixed Vegetables, Part 2 of 2

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“Now we wrap the nori sheet. For the vegan ham, you do the same as with the tofu. Because the vegan ham is already a little salty, so I’m not sure if you want to put some more salt in it or not. Otherwise you can just dash some ground pepper onto the vegan ham before you wrap it. Depends on your family. If you have kids and you don’t want them to feel too sharp, then you don’t put the pepper. Just the vegan ham. Just wrap it in the seaweed sheet, and fry.

We have so much beautiful food to share with our family. You know, compassionate, healthy food is always good for everyone. If your vegan ham or your tofu is kind of broken a little bit and short, you just choose another broken piece to match it, to lengthen it, to make it as long as your seaweed. Don’t forget to wet the edge with a little water and then it will stick together like this. You try to separate them, like where the vegan ham rolls are, and where the vegan cheese is. Or you can just surprise yourself and everybody.

The oil’s already hot. We can put our stuff in already. Very interesting, the vegan cheese wrap. We don’t leave it there too long. If the oil is still boiling, or too hot, you transfer it. You put the pot out onto a not heated cooker and then you take it out. We prepare a kitchen towel on top of a plate and just put your wrapping finger on it, so some of the oil will be absorbed. You can also put it in a sieve, and the oil will also be less when you eat it. It has to be very crispy. Crispy outside.

All of them taste good actually, the vegan ham, tofu, and vegan cheese. They all taste very, very good. I tasted the tofu before, it was also very good. Wonderful. Right! It is really good to offer to guests or children, very fun. All you do is just roll it, put the vegan ham on top of the seaweed nori sheet, and roll it.”

“Children can also learn this way to cook. Fun food. It’s fun to cook really, to offer people some nutrition and a happy feeling when they have food. When they have good food, they feel happy. Of course, you can be vegan by just blending. Blending vegetables and all kinds of experiments.

I’m just showing you simple and fun food. For more sophisticated recipes, you can log on to our International dishes; colorful and fancy food are all free for you any time you want.”
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