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A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan)

Deep Fried Vegan Shrimp with Bread, Pear Stew, Part 2 of 2

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“We turn on the heat and put the oil in the pan. To deep fry, you have to put oil into the pan at least half full, any frying pan. So when the oil is already heated, we put the bread and the vegan shrimp together inside the batter, and then we put it in the boiling oil, like that one piece of bread, one vegan shrimp. You can put three or four of them at the same time. Just put the vegan shrimp and the bread inside the batter and scoop it up together. Put the kitchen towel on the plate so that it absorbs some extra oil, that’s it. This is how they look, after deep fry, it’s very golden, nice.

These are vegan shrimp, so you could have them for a long time. If you don’t know where to buy them and you want to experience them once in awhile for a change, you can ask the ‘Loving Food.’ The ‘Loving Food’ email address is on Or other food distributors as well, they have many different things for you. So you can experiment sometime with different cooking methods, and different cooking materials, it’s fun.

For this amount of batter, you can fry a lot of vegan shrimps with it. Even if you make a little bit more batter than you wanted, you can always cook pancakes with it. Savory pancakes. And eat it with vegan cheese or vegan sausage, or just eat it as is.

We are preparing all this, and we put it on a plate. And then everybody will enjoy. And then we can eat it also with hot chili sauce, also very nice, or ketchup, or both. And eat with some nice fresh salad.”

“Now we’re checking the stew. Very nice indeed. Very soft and tender, the raisin also nice together. Good, we turn the heat off now. I have been stewing it all this time, probably an hour, and it’s very, very tender. You can put cinnamon on it now. Maybe like one tablespoon, and mix it. That’s it. It’s done. Wow! Smell nice, no guys?

So he says that the pear, when you stew it like this, it’s good for your lungs, for the respiration system. The dried raisin like this, it’s very good for the blood. The cinnamon is good for chi. So you have a stronger spirit and feel like the circulation is good, the chi in your body is regulated well. So it’s very good medicine. He said after you eat it, you will feel sweaty also. It’s very, very warm. It’s good for your body.”
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