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Summer Ice Popsicles, Vegan Ham with Cantaloupe & Simple Seaweed Wrap Part 2 of 2

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“Next, we’re making Simple Seaweed Wrap. First, we prepare the carrot. Cut the carrot into thin slices, long slices like that. And cucumber, we leave them aside here. And we also cut cucumber like that. But you could also put celery in here if you have celery.

Take one seaweed sheet at a time. We put the carrot. If it’s not long enough, you add a little piece to make it long. And cucumber, just alongside, as long as it’s long enough for the sushi. And you sprinkle a little bit of the mushroom powder on it. Then you put a little rice that you cooked, leftover yesterday. Leftover rice is better because it’s cold. It’s just nice. But not from the fridge. When you cook rice, you can keep it for one day without refrigeration. Now you just roll it.

This time we can put a little coriander. It doesn’t have to be all the same; it can be with varieties. This one, we don’t put ginger. We sprinkle the shiitake ground mushroom; about a tablespoon. And you put some coriander on it And then put a little rice on. There we are. Roll it back, roll it again. Hold it very tight. First, you hold the edge very tight, and then you roll it like that. Always get a bowl of water ready to wipe your hands because the rice will be sticky. And then you spray a little water on the edge.

And we can make more and more, so on and so forth. This is the red ginger. Ginger in vinegar, it looks pink, not really red, pink for love. Now. You hold the edge tight and hold it to the carrot and ginger, and then just roll it over, there you are, see? Perfect, just like this.

Good, now we are going to cut it. Just do it like this. Do not cut it down because it will flatten your roll and it won’t look good, that’s all. And arrange them on the plate, whatever way you like. It looks good enough, family style. There.

Now we prepare some sauce. Most people use Japanese green mustard. Some people also like ketchup with it. You can put ketchup. So OK. The pink one, it’s melon and vegan ham. These are the ginger, the mustard in the middle, and the soy sauce, for the sushi wrap. This is a sushi wrap; you have carrot, cucumber, ginger, shiitake mushroom powder and rice. OK, there you are. Go enjoy.”
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