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Try to Remember God All the Time (Part 3 of 6) Mar. 31, 2012

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“Purity is not easy to gain. Even now, every day I gain like billions of zillions of points, but the purity only 2%, or 3 or 4% each day. Because we live in this world, we share, okay? We share our energy and we receive energy, also. Do not always blame yourself. Just do your best. We live in this world, we are contaminated all the time. And that’s why you have to remember God 24/7, whenever you can. Yes? If not, at least you pray in the morning, say, ‘Please, I’m going out to work in the world today. Please if I forget you, please don’t forget me.’ And the evening come back, ‘Thank you for protecting me all day.’ And, ‘Whatever I have done impure or infected, please cleanse it for me.’ Like that, and then you meditate. (Yes, and just forgive myself for whatever) Forgive yourself! (it was in the past, right?) My God. Please do forgive yourself! (Yes.) You are not doing anything wrong, it’s just we are in the wrong world. And it’s not easy to keep ourselves afloat. Remember that. If you’re in water, it’s difficult to keep yourself dry. (Yes.) So, even if you wear the protective clothes, it still manages to get somewhere. And you can’t wear it. You can’t wear it when you go out around. Just try to remember God all the time. Always pray. Two seconds free, pray. One second free, pray, protect you. Recite the Holy Names when you remember.” 
“Told you, even if you’re in hell, you get out if you remember the Holy Names. So do remember, okay? (And also I wanted to say, last night when You were reciting the Holy Names with us how... just, it was like God force power coming in. And I just was streaming down crying while You were saying Them, because I could just feel Them to my core, the power.) Good. (Thank You.) You’re welcome. Anybody feel like that or just her? (Yes!) All of, most of you? (Yes!) Yes, yes, it’s okay. Some are more sensitive than others, some are more tuned in than others, that’s all, okay? Don’t feel ashamed if you don’t feel it. Even if you don’t feel it, it still washes over you, the God’s power, and protects you and loves you and cleanses you. Then slowly you will feel it, like her or like others. Okay?”
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