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Between Master and Disciples

The Karmic Bonds of Love, Part 1 of 2, May 26, 31, 1998

Lecture Language:English,Spanish(Español)
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Your progress depends on how much time you want to devote to God and how much time you want to devote to the world. Surprising, huh? If we devote a lot of time for the world, then we get benefits from the world or headaches or problems. If we devote a lot more time to God, then we are nearer to Hirm. So we get whatever we invest in. When we go out of our body and enter into a higher realm, sometimes the time passes very quickly. And we think only two or three minutes, but sometimes an hour or two pass by. And we don’t remember things when we come back also. We don’t remember. Because the brain, sometimes it’s not capable of recording something that is outside of its capacity. The brain mostly can register something in the Astral World, or sometimes the Second World, Intellectual World. But maybe further it’s difficult to understand and to store it, and to record it, and to play back afterward. And sometimes people… like when you went into samadhi, sometimes you don’t feel your body also. Sometimes when people don’t feel their body or they don’t know where they have been, they come back they report it as meditation on emptiness. And that’s where the word of “emptiness” came from in Buddhist samadhi terminology. The reason why we should not repeat the Names to other people is because, you should not leak out things that you’re not having in full. Yeah? Or should not teach the information to people, because you teach with empty essence. You don’t have essence. When you reach enlightenment, you can teach people. That’s all. The teaching of initiation should be backed up by Master power, by spiritual realization. Otherwise, it’s like an empty check. You sign it, but nobody gets money. And sometimes, because of the ego and trying to teach people and leaking out information, you are doing more harm than good.
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