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Seeing During Meditation Master Give Pearls to Protect Fellow Initiates in Confronting Obstacles

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Dear Beloved Master, During my meditation, I saw tens of thousands of white pearls and yellow pearls (precious beads) that Master gave to fellow initiates. The stacking of white and yellow pearls turned into long-legged soldiers with long spears in their hands. Tens of thousands of these pearl soldiers with mighty strength and tremendous fighting power gather in front of us to confront obstacles, resist the invasion of viruses, and protect us.

However, if our thoughts, speech, and behavior are not pure, or we are not doing well in spiritual practice, these soldiers will become short, plump, and short-legged, with just physical energy. Their combat power is weaker, so we can easily be invaded by a virus and karma, and thus they provide less protection for us.

Humans who do not keep a vegan diet, and do not rely on the Master Power will not have even one single soldier. Once disaster strikes, they can be in great danger and be easily destroyed. In this era of destruction, human beings should quickly turn vegan and seek the protection of the Master Power in order to survive safely.

Master has granted us human beings a six-month period of repentance. Everyone should quickly seize the chance to turn vegan and save the Earth. Come on! Go for it! And keep it up! Wan-Ling from Taiwan (Formosa)

Resolute Wan-Ling, Your heartline is a timely reminder indeed. Thank you for sharing your insightful inner vision with us. May the vegan way of life soon be shared by all to save our world.

Master lovingly responds to you: “Perceptive Wan-Ling, understanding the importance of keeping the precepts reflects upon your true wisdom gained through diligent meditation. To change humanity’s dire fate everyone should turn over a new leaf, immediately Switch to the benevolent vegan way of life, and sincerely repent in their hearts. This is the ultimate solution. May pure Love always be with you and awaken the Divine nature of the good-natured Taiwanese (Formosan) people.” 

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