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Seeing Dedication to Spirituality Also Helps Physically: Father Practices Sincerely and Diligently, Leading His Bulged Blood Vessels to Cured Themselves

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Dear Beloved Master, Please allow me to share the miracle story about my father. In 2011, he received a medical check-up at the hospital. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the doctor discovered five segments of blood vessels that were dilated and bulged. The diameter of a normal blood vessel is about 4 millimeters, but the bulged vessels were around 9 millimeters. The doctor suggested a medical intervention of inserting a metal spring to protect the damaged vessels. The cost was very high and we needed time to prepare the funds.

A short time later, my father was given initiation, after which he refused the treatment on the grounds that he was practicing the Quan Yin Method and therefore his illness could be cured by itself. Two years later, he went for a check-up again because he sometimes got headaches. Using the MRI scanner, the doctor confirmed that no bulged blood vessels were in his brain anymore. That was miraculous!

We are infinitely grateful for Your Grace, Love, and patience for ignorant beings like us. May You always be healthy and peaceful. Mai Ngọc from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Enthusiastic Mai Ngọc, We hope that our viewers will be inspired by your story as we share Master’s precious reply: 

“Spirited Mai Ngọc, those who came for Quan Yin meditation sincerely do not come for physical gain, but their true intention to see God will yield some miraculous benefit. So here is another proof that living a life dedicated to spirituality also helps you physically. During initiation into the Quan Yin Method of meditation, the Master burns your karma left over from past lives, and practicing the Quan Yin Method is powerful enough to dissipate some of your present life karma. If practitioners are sincere and diligent, their karmic load will decrease and their life will be less hindered. May you, your loved ones, as well as the pleasant Aulacese people continue to evolve spiritually and reap the benefits in your lives and afterlives!” 

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