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Between Master and Disciples

Practice Well and Everything Will Be All Right, Part 2 of 3, Dec 27, 2019

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Thank you for practicing spiritually diligently, and helping your fellow citizens, your country, supporting your government. That’s why you have this result today. Thank you all! For being a good citizen, a good person. To be a good citizen is a duty. It’s nothing to be proud of, or to boast about. That’s a must, you have to do it.

(Dear Master, next is the inner experience of a sister from Hà Nội.) Where is Hà Nội? Come and see me. Miss, or Mrs. or Auntie? Miss, right? Still young, right? (Yes. She said that she feels the atmosphere is very good, since You came to attend this 7-day retreat. The first night, when I meditated and saw Master’s transformation body. Then there was a [inner Heavenly] Light beam shining upon me. I thank You very much!) Yeah, you are welcome. Don’t be too formal. We are family. Don’t need to thank. (Yes.)

(Next is the inner experience of a sister from Huế.) Stand a little further away. OK. (The sister shared that when she concentrated on the wisdom eye, a very strong [inner Heavenly] Light emanated from the main meditation hall. “When I continued to concentrate, Master came out from that Light and smiled at me. After that, Master went straight into my wisdom eye. At that moment, my physical eyes opened automatically. I looked around the ashram, I saw that up to three initiates also emanated [inner Heavenly] Light. My question is, when I was still working for Loving Hut, one day, while meditating alone, I saw a lot of invisible beings meditating with me. Their souls were so bright, and they walked back and forth very orderly, dear Master. They did not scare me. When I wanted to go to sleep, they quietly left. May I ask where they come from? And why did they meditate with me? I thank You, Master.”) They are your friends, why do you need to ask? They came to support you. Already knew, still asking, how tiresome! There were so many people, why did only two, three have Light? So bad! All right, you guys need to sit more! Thank you, OK. Anymore?

(Yes. There is more good news, dear Master. From sister who lives in Nha Trang.) OK. (Yes. Sister is from Sài Gòn.) Ah, where is she? Where is Sài Gòn? Where? Where did you hide? Yeah, these two people, right? All women? OK. That’s all right. OK. Stand a little bit in the middle, so you do not block other people behind you. Stand in the middle. That’s all right. Speak.

(I would like to tell my inner experience. My father is a Catholic. I saw You as Jesus Christ, twice. Master sat in the sky and had a great Light surrounding Her. On Your right, was Quan Yin Bodhisattva. On Your left, was Buddha. At Master’s feet, were Buddhas sitting very solemnly. There was also Jesus Christ, Confucius, Lao Tzu, dear Master. Then I saw You as the Holy Mother standing on a mountain of brilliant Light. And that’s all, Master.)

Finished. Both of you asked the same question? (Yes. She has good news, dear Master.) (It’s me, Master.) Good news. OK. (Hallo Master.) Hallo. (In 2018, I met Master) I know. (with Uncle Quán.) I know.

(Recently, I went to some provinces in the Highland area, and I did some charitable work, which was reported on national newspapers. They also printed Master’s picture, and have a Gold Plaque of Merit with Your name on it, in front of the Cultural House in Thái Nguyên province.) Oh! (That place is the cradle of all the historic figures during the time we fought for the country’s freedom.) Wow! (Yes.)

Thank you. (Yes.) Thank you, the government! (Yes.) Please convey my thanks to the governmental comrades. (Yes. I would like to continue, that more than sixty high-ranking officers [colonels and generals] participated in the opening of the Cultural House of Định Biên commune. And they together wrote a letter to thank Master, and I brought it here to present to You, Master. There was a total of approximately 70 colonels and generals. They all thank You for Your heart, which is as big as an ocean. I brought all the information and newspapers for You to look at.) OK, bring them here. Yes, thank You.

What is the Uncle’s name? Did he come here this time? (His name is Ngọc Quán.) Yeah, did he come this time? (He couldn’t come due to the age limit.) Do we have an age limit here? (Yes.) Does he have any sickness that he couldn’t come? (No, he didn’t have any. Each day, he exercises by walking 10 kilometers.) Then, why couldn’t he come? Was he busy? (The working team here said that anyone who is over 72 years old cannot come.) Nonsense! It depends on each person. Why is it that a person over 72 years old cannot come? Who said that? (He bought the air ticket three times already, but…) Oh my God! Tell him to come right now then. Is it possible? Can he come in time? (Yes, he can because he had the visa already.) OK, OK. Tell him to come right now.

An initiate from Âu Lạc (Vietnam) is coming very soon. You have to arrange for the pick-up. Tell the working team that checks on the paperwork when you come in, not checking us, but checking our ID cards. Let them know when he is coming. Tell them his flight number, so that they can go to pick him up. OK, done. (Yes.)

(There were some documentary videos, which I saved on my cell phone, and I gave the phone to the working team. And here is the thank you letter.) In the cell phone. What? Talk to whom? (I brought my cell phone but left it with the working team.) Understand. Go there now to retrieve your phone and bring it here. Never mind. Tell the working team to save those videos onto a USB and give it to me, OK? OK, then when I have time, I will take a look. Is there something urgent that I need to watch right away? (No.) No. Not urgent, right? Family is safe, the children are healthy, right? (Yes, it was arranged since August of last year.) Ah, is that so? (Yes. I wasn’t able to come here until now.) OK.

If someone is 72 years old and sick, then if they come here, they may not be able to handle it. But if they’re healthy, have no illness, and they work every day normally, then the body is… Here, we even have a house for the elder to stay. OK? So they could come. Because the [organizing] team was so worried. But sometimes, people come here, they’re sick, but don’t have a place to rest. Also, to come here to meditate long hours, and if they are sick, then they can’t meditate much, and so it would not be that beneficial. Also, when our body is unwell, then we are not…what? How do you say “comfortable?” I’m asking you, the Korean. How do you say “comfortable” in Aulacese (Vietnamese)? (Comfortable.) Ah, not comfortable. The body does not feel comfortable. Because when people are old, they get sick often. So, the organizing team made a general rule to cover all cases. But we must consider each person, each case. And Uncle is very healthy. He runs 500 kilometers a day. The original communist doesn’t have this kind of sickness. Working and training since childhood. OK, thank you very much.

What is this here? From whom? 60 colonels and generals? Thank you. (They all together wrote a letter to say hallo to You.) Oh, is it so. My God! How nice! (They also made a documentary film…) Any name? (Yes, the names are in here. They made a documentary film praising our Association.) Yes? Oh, thank them very much. Yeah, we’re also working on a show for Âu Lạc (Vietnam). But the country’s name starts with a V, so it is at the bottom of the list. That’s why other countries were on first. For example, Austria, see that? Austria was on first, see? Australia also was on early. Bel… for example, the country starts with B? Following A, B, C order, you know? So, to praise the Âu Lạc (Vietnam) country, we have to wait for a long time, to get to the bottom of the list. Why would they make the name starting with a V? [The name] ‘Âu Lạc’ is very good, no? I changed the name of the country to Âu Lạc, so it will elevate some more in the future. See that? The country has improved, right? Since the day that I called our country as Âu Lạc, it is indeed peaceful and prosperous, see that? Now they come here and wear fake fur coats even. The true comrades indeed. The true comrades are like that. Healthy, free and happy.

When you go home, thank the Uncle… who was that Uncle? This Uncle is a representative, right? Wow! (He is the chief…) Colonel, right? Wow! And what is the meaning of this word? (Associate Professor, PhD.) And how about this word? (It is explained in the letter.) Oh, it was explained? OK, thank you. This Uncle wrote this letter on behalf of the group, right? OK, I thank them, too. Let me write a letter to reply to them. But only when I have some free time. If not, I won’t. Understand? I don’t have any Âu Lạc person here to write for me, so I have to dig into the dictionary. OK, thank you. Yes, thank you.

When you go home, thank them for me first. And when I have time, I will write to reply to them. Wow, wow, wow! How come they wrote a letter just like a disciple does? They said “Beloved Master!” So you guys went over there and forced them to do that, or what? You guys rely on a big group of people to bully one or two government officials to write a letter like you do, right? You forced them? You relied on the size of your group to force them? Force the government, huh? You guys forced a few of them who were all alone, to write a letter exactly your style. Or you wrote a letter, then blindfolded them and told them to sign, right? How come it sounds so familiar? What I read sounds very familiar. Exactly like the way you wrote to me. All right.

Thank you for practicing spiritually diligently, and helping your fellow citizens, your country, supporting your government. That’s why you have this result today. Thank you all! For being a good citizen, a good person. To be a good citizen is a duty. It’s nothing to be proud of, or to boast about. That’s a must, you have to do it. You’ve been taught that all this time. What do we say? Be loyal to the king, love the country. Be filial to your parents, love your fellow citizens. Thank you. Thank you for being good representatives for me. Thank you! You are exactly my comrades. I am also a comrade. Auntie Hải, Comrade Auntie Hải. Auntie Hải is a communist number one. Oh no, number two, after Uncle Hồ. But because “Hải” (Ocean) is bigger than “Hồ” (lake) so it’s troublesome. Is that Auntie Hải a communist? Whatever Auntie Hải has, money or wealth, She shares with others. That’s a true communist.

Communism also promotes equality. They don’t glorify anyone, nor flatter anyone, nor trample on anyone. Not because people have different positions, wealth, or possessions, that they get special treatment. But Auntie Hải treats everyone the same, equally, right? Don’t I? (Yes, You do.) OK, I thank you. Be my witness. I am communist number two. Auntie Hải is communist number two. Now, you can’t just talk and people will follow you. You have to work, too. And you must have a sincere heart, then everyone will understand. You don’t need to say, they will know. Just like the Âu Lạc have an old saying, “Fragrance naturally spreads far and wide.” right? A flower naturally emits its fragrance, and people will notice it. Just like the sunlight shines brightly everywhere, and everyone benefits.

I haven’t spoken Aulacese for a long time, so it is kind of choking a little. Also, wearing this kind of dress makes me feel like I’m choking. This is an Âu Lạc dress made in Chinese style, understand? Taiwanese style! I wore a dress once that had a high collar like this, and now they make all my dresses with a high collar. If I want to turn my head, it is kind of difficult, so I only look straight ahead. They worried that Auntie Hải is old, and the chin is sagging, so they tried to cover it up or to support it. That’s why they make the collar so high! Before, my neck was longer, slender, understand? Slim. Now I am old, my neck is getting bigger. And they made it this style; it’s difficult for me to turn my head. They made it like a neck brace for people who have a sprained neck, see that? They made it to prepare, in case I have a sprained neck, then they don’t have to buy a neck brace. You just stand up straight to talk, as if you have no problem at all, OK. (Yes.) Yes, please. You, comrade, stand a little bit in the middle, otherwise you will block the view of people behind you. OK, move a little bit this way, it’s OK now.

(Next is the inner experience of a sister from Huế.) Hallo Auntie, Miss, Sister. Oh…two of you, who is who? Where? So the other sister, what is she doing? (The other sister just finished telling her inner experience, Master.) If you finish, but keep standing there, then I don’t know who is who. OK, please go back and sit down, and I will see you later. Now, this sister, go ahead.

(The inner experience was in 2018, when I came to Hsihu Ashram, the local god there came to greet me. Then when I meditated, suddenly, I felt as if I was looking down from above, and saw that the initiates all had a small golden [inner Heavenly] Light which combined into a pink lotus flower. The next day, Master came to give us “the Gift”. This time, I came to New Land, and there were also two local gods coming out to greet me. When I meditated, I saw two Heavenly Gates, one of which had a tubular shape, and the other the shape of a great pyramid. By then I realized that the gods who came to greet me were the hufas guarding these two Heavenly Gates. At another meditation session, I was also looking down from above, and all the initiates had the golden [inner Heavenly] Light. This time, it was not a little flickering golden Light, but a very large mass of [inner Heavenly] Light. I understand that Master has elevated us already, so we would like to thank You.)

We are family, no need to say thanks. You are welcome. Is there anything else, love? (Yes. Next is the inner experience of a brother from the USA.) OK sister, go back to your place and rest. Thank you. You practiced well. You came here and the local gods came out to greet you, then you must be very good and strong. Congratulations!

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