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Between Master and Disciples

The British Monarchy Should Be Respected and Appreciated, Part 2 of 8, Sep. 19, 2022

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He doesn’t mess with the political system of England. English people decide for themselves who manages their affairs. They vote and they have parties that choose leaders. (Yes, Master.) So, they should not worry about King Charles too much. And now that the Queen has just left the world, they should show some more sympathy, be more supportive so that he has the strength to think well and to do good things in their interests, don’t you think? (Yes, Master.)

Alright, any trouble? Any question? Anything I can do for you or help you? (We are all good, Master. Thank You.) You’re all good? (Yes.) Alright.

(We do have some questions though when Master is ready.) OK, tell me, tell me. (So, the first question is: Because of the ascension of King Charles III, some people protest that they don’t want the king to rule over them.) Yeah. (What does Master think about people protesting?)

They have the right to protest, of course. They have the right to express their opinion, because England is a free country. (Yes.) But they should think – England is one of the best countries in the world to live in – king or not. Right? (Yes. Yes, Master.) And it could be due to the monarchy that England has been very stable and respected by other countries in the world. You know, Her Majesty the Queen of England just left the world, and all the leaders in the world came to pay their respects. (Yes, that’s right. Yes.)

“Media Report from Sky News Sept. 19, 2022 Reporter (f): No individual motorcades but coaches to ferry even the world’s princes and presidents – ensuring arrivals ran like clockwork. The Emperor and Empress of Japan, for whom funeral appearances are rare because of their Shinto faith, shared a bus with the King and Queen of Bhutan. Has there ever been a world event where such thought must have gone into the seating arrangements of so many foreign dignitaries and royal families coming to pay their respects to the Queen? Leaving Westminster Abbey – the rare sight of royalty waiting for a bus and forming a queue. But a sign of the global reverence commanded by Queen Elizabeth II, amongst the world leaders who came together to lay her to rest.”

All of them. And even Putin also wanted to come, they didn’t let him. And I saw it on the news, they said one of his allies posed in front of the Queen’s coffin – and they protested, they fumed about it. (Yes.)

So, these people, if they want to protest… I didn’t see a lot anyway, but of course, they can express their opinion. But if they don’t like England, they don’t like the Queen, they could go somewhere else – they could emigrate. You know, nowadays we can emigrate anywhere. (Yes.) If they think some other country is better without kings, then they can go. Maybe they prefer Russia? Maybe they should live under Putin then. What do you think? (Not a good idea.) For example. Do you think they’ll like that? (No.) No.

Maybe King Charles, of course, humanly speaking, is not perfect in their eyes. But he’s not the worst leader in the world. Don’t you think? (No, Master, he is not.) By the way, it’s just symbolic, and he doesn’t mess with the political system of England. English people decide for themselves who manages their affairs. They vote and they have parties that choose leaders. (Yes, Master.) So, they should not worry about King Charles too much. And now that the Queen has just left the world, they should show some more sympathy, be more supportive so that he has the strength to think well and to do good things in their interests, don’t you think? (Yes, Master.)

What is your opinion? (Well, there were also a couple of pen signing incidences. When he was formally proclaimed as King Charles III, when signing the important document, he seemed to get upset that the ink tray was not in the correct position, and he signaled for someone to quickly move it. He said, “The servants should have moved these things. I am not to be expected to move these things.” So, is it the servants’ fault that these things happen?)

You know, this is the price to pay when you depend on other people to work for you. You can’t always have things the way you want. First of all, I would not use the word “servant” if I were you, because we all serve. They serve, but they are not servants. “Servant” nowadays, in terms of the way they use “servant,” is very degrading for humans. Do you understand me? (Yes, Master. That’s true.)

We all serve, and the King is a bigger servant than all of them, because he has to serve all the people of his country – if he gets the concept right. (Yes.) “Uneasy are the heads that bear the crown.” OK? (Yes.) We all have problems, and being the King is not an enviable position to me. It’s a lot of responsibility, a lot, a lot, a lot of trouble to wade in. And of course, like the Buddha said, “No one will absolutely be a hundred percent blamed or praised. Everyone in this world, one way or another, one day or another, will be blamed or will be praised, but not always completely either side.” You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.)

So, you see, I think it’s the Queen’s fault – (Oh?) not the servant’s fault, not the Prince’s fault. Some people say, “Oh, that’s how we know how he treats his servants.” It’s not like that. Maybe he didn’t treat his so-called servants that way before. It’s just because of the Queen’s sudden death that throws everybody into disarray, mentally. Do you understand me? (Yes, Master.)

All of them love the Queen. All the workers in the royal household love the Queen. And they have been serving the Prince for decades already. So, he has never complained. It’s just at this time they’re all very, very sad, very sorrowful. So, they probably forget what to do for the right thing. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, understand, Master.) That’s the number one thing. Number two, they have never done this before. This is the first time they have to prepare a tray for the Prince to sign such important documents. (Yes.) Once in his lifetime. (Yes, that’s right.) So, they’re just all confused. (Right, Master. Yes. That’s true.) And too sad to even put their minds together. They’re just humans.

And it’s not the Prince’s fault either. Of course, he just lost his mother, his most beloved mother. (Yes, Master.) And he has no time to even mourn her or anything. He’s not allowed to – he has to immediately take on the most responsible position in England. And in his heart he is pained. Understand me? He pains, he cries. (Yes.) And somehow he feels like he needs everyone to be his father and mother, to make up for his loss. He just lost his father as well, not long ago. Remember? (Yes. That’s true.) His Royal Highness Prince Philip also just left the world not long ago.

And now he lost his mother, so he’s became an “orphan.” And he feels like there’s a big emptiness in his life, and somehow, unconsciously, he tries to grab everybody’s love and affection for him to fill that gap. (Right. Yes. Understand, Master.) I know that, because I lost my parents. Of course, I never told you this, but it’s not like I’m a stone or something. And least of all King Charles III. (Yes, Master.) He has been loved, pampered and spoiled, in the arms of his parents. And suddenly he lost one after another like that. His sorrow broke out as temper. Do you understand me? (Yes, Master.)

He feels so lost, so helpless. And he expected unconsciously that the people around him would understand that and would give him all the care, to minute detail – all the love that they would show him to make up for what he lost somehow. (Yes.) But, the so-called servants, they’re also lost themselves, because the Queen died. (Yes. Yes, Master.) So, both of them are in need, both of them are in trouble, and both cannot help each other. That’s their only problem. (Yes.) So, it’s nobody’s fault. It’s just they love the Queen too much. (Right.) And when you love somebody too much, and you lose them, then you’re in big trouble. You cannot think straight. You understand that or not? (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.)

“Courtesy of Buckingham Palace Sept. 10, 2022 King Charles (m): To my darling mama, as you begin your last great journey to join my dear late papa, I want simply to say this – thank you. Thank you for your love and devotion to our family, and to the family of nations you have served so diligently all these years. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

OK, now, any other question before I keep crying? (Yes, Master. What would you call people who work for You in Your household then?)

Did you ever hear me call them servants? (No, Master.) OK. Well, Lynne Wintersteller, one of the celebrity singers in Hollywood, she even proclaimed that, when somebody asked her, she said that I served them. I brought food to them from the kitchen. I had no servants. Remember that? Remember that, in Cancun? Before they were singing on the stage, I invited them to my hotel room and served them some food and talked to them. (Yes.) Because I love artists. (Yes.)

“Acclaimed Soprano & Actress United States, Lynne Wintersteller (f): I love Her [Supreme Master Ching Hai]. I’m calling Her ‘Mommy Heart.’ We had a special treat to meet Her. I guess a brunch, and She had us up to Her room and She cooked for us. I mean, it was a spread of food and there’s so much more backstage that She brought, and She wants everybody to take a bag of food home. So She’s quite remarkable, She really is. ‘Mommy Heart’ I love You. It was an honor to meet Her. My consciousness is elevated, it really is.

Cary Brown (m): I met Her [Supreme Master Ching Hai] this morning for the first time, and She actually served us lunch, it’s not like She had servants or something. She’s wonderful! She’s like a mother. She’s an Earth Mother to the world. And She was that same way with us as She was here tonight. That’s pretty terrific when you can be with a few people or you could be with hundreds of people, and have that warmth, and have that sincerity, and have that love. She’s a great lady. Great example for the world! I hope our future is in Her dreams and in our dreams and that we have a better, safer, cleaner world.”

Not because they sang on that occasion. They sang for the people who came – VIPs and all the people who came to that hotel that day for the green ceremony, to give some Green Award to some people who are champions for a vegan and green World. Remember that, in Cancun? (Yes.) Not because they came and sang for our invite party, but because I love them and I was so happy to have a chance to even see them. So, I invited them to my room and gave them whatever food we had at that time. And they were so happy. (Yes.) She said, “She has no servants,” meaning Master has no servants.

Anyway, I call them my helpers, my assistants. You heard that many times, right? (Yes. Yes, Master.) And mostly, they don’t work in my household anyway, they work for dogs. So even if I need them sometimes to help me carry heavy stuff that I cannot do alone, I have to wait. Because they say, “Oh, we are with the dogs now. We are feeding the dogs. We are taking the dogs out. We are making sure the dogs are comfortable. Could You please wait?” So what would I do? Yes, ma’am! I will wait, ma’am or I will wait, sir. Often, I make jokes with them. I never call them “servants.” My God. I don’t remember so.

I don’t remember ever saying that. Did you ever hear me say that? (No, Master.) When I talk to you about them, I say they are the dog managers, or dog caretakers. (Yes.) Dog protectors, dog guardians, but I never call them servants. I don’t dare. I never think about that. I never think about that word to give them. I never thought like that.

Because, they’re all children of God. How dare I say anything like that. (Yes, Master.) There are no servants in this world, there are only children of God assigned to different duties to keep the world functioning. Understand me? (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.) Suppose the King rules England, or any king rules any country, without any of these so-called servants, can they even rule? (No, Master.) Or I don’t know, maybe they can. (Not as well.) Maybe they can, but they have to be retrained in the opposite direction of the way they have been trained to be. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

Like, for example, Prince Charles, do not blame him too much. He has been trained differently. He has been groomed to be the king. And in the old tradition, the king rules the country – the top, number one over everybody else. And the king’s orders, everybody has to obey. And everyone has to work for the king, not vice versa. But they forget, the king also has to work, it’s just different jobs. (Yes, Master.)

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