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Nikola Donev (vegan) - The Bulgarian Vegan Pioneer, Part 2 of 2

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Today, we will continue with more on the Bulgarian Vegan Union – the first vegan organization in Bulgaria to be officially registered – and its abolitionist approach. The Bulgarian Vegan Union stages many public displays to get the vegan message across using different outreach methods. "People stop at these actions, naturally interested, and ask: 'What are we doing? What happens to the animals? Why?' And we start a discussion with them and explain to them why things happen, how this can change. It shows them an alternative, a different way of life."

Even more so, the Bulgarian Vegan Union uses very direct visual stimulation to convey to people that meat is flesh, whether it comes from humans or animal-people. "And it helps people make the analogy between meat and murder, that in order to have meat, there was inevitably murder." "Some people think they can cut back, reduce the meat and that’s OK, but that's not OK, because there's no way to kill less and be OK. When you kill, it's never OK. The same thing with milk, with eggs. They inseminate the animals artificially and to us this is pure violence. There is no way to close our eyes and think that reducing (meat) is OK. Reducing is not OK. This industry must be completely eliminated. Livestock breeding, not just industrial, but all livestock breeding must disappear."

The good news is that positive changes can be seen since the Bulgarian Vegan Union members have been active and present in the public sphere. "Perhaps the most impressive is that supermarket chains have begun to load more vegan goods, because there is more talk in society about us vegans. And these companies started taking us into account; they know we exist. Before they didn't think of us as a target group. There are now a lot more choices in stores, also in restaurants, in snack-bars. There are many more options for vegans which is a plus, because it makes life easier for these new vegans. When it's easier, more people would try it."
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