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Celebrating Mongolian Children’s Day, Part 2 of 2 – Children’s Favorite Steamed Vegan Barley Cupcakes with Vegan Butter and Cashew Frosting & Vegan Barley Balls

Language:English,Mogolian(Монгол хэл)
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“Today I’m pleased to show you how to make cupcakes with barley flour. The ingredients include vegan butter and vegan frosting, which we will prepare ourselves. There are only five ingredients in the vegan butter. First of all, pour 180 milliliters of coconut oil into the blending jug. Then add 30 milliliters of canola oil. Then add 60 milliliters of soymilk. Let’s now add three tablespoons of soy lecithin. Then add a little bit of lemon juice. Then blend till all the ingredients are well incorporated. We will let it rest for a while in the refrigerator.

Now let’s start making our vegan frosting. The main ingredient is 300 grams of cashew nut pulp. OK, now we will add 220 grams of coconut milk. Then add 15 milliliters of lemon juice. Here, we’re adding 70 grams of agave syrup. Now let’s mix them thoroughly.

Let’s start making the barley flour cupcakes. We will peel the banana and put it in a large bowl. And we need to mash it well. Now we will add 100 grams of barley flour. Then we add 125 grams of whole wheat flour. Add 70 grams of it. OK, let’s add about 130 grams of soymilk. Stir it in thoroughly until the dry ingredients are well mixed. Now let’s add the rest of the ingredients. Now let’s put the barley flour cupcake mix into cups. We will steam for 20 minutes to allow the cupcake mix to cook through.”

“Now it’s time to make some vegan energy balls. Let’s put 30 grams of olive oil into a medium-sized bowl and then add 30 grams of coconut oil. Next, add 50 grams of soymilk. Here we have prepared 20 grams of vegan granulated sugar. Add it in as well. Here, we are adding 125 grams of barley flour. Once it is thoroughly mixed, it will be ready. Now, we will decorate the heart shaped energy balls with strawberry jam.

Next, we will decorate the barley flour vegan cupcakes with our vegan frosting. Let’s now put the cherries on top. We have now finished making our barley flour vegan cupcakes. Next, we will prepare a vegan golden milk drink using turmeric powder and almond milk. It goes well with our vegan cupcakes.”
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