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A Historic Legal Case Against Animal-People Factories Part 2 of 2

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Today, we will continue with our presentation on the development of this unprecedented legal case. The High Court hearing took place on January 25, 2022, at the Royal Court of Justice of London. Dr. Alice Brough, a co-claimant of this case, is a vegan former veterinarian who used to work in the British pig-person industry. After four years of visiting animal-people in slaughterhouses, she couldn’t bear to continue watching the endless suffering brought to both animal-people and humans. She quit her job to become an activist. “You add into that the fact that it's so obviously dangerous to human health, it's so obviously dangerous to the environment.”

During the hearing, the UK Government Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) showed no evidence of having examined the risks associated with animal-people raising operations and the effective actions needed to protect the public. Yet, the Court accepted DEFRA’s argument that the existing framework for animal-people factories is sufficient and capable of operating under the European Convention on Human Rights protections.

In a phone call with Supreme Master Television members, Supreme Master Ching Hai stated that leaders, now more than ever, need to steer society in the right direction. “I’m so anguished for all the innocent people who have been misled, who have no true strong leader to help them in times of trouble, in times of true need. This is the moment when the leaders should step out and say, ‘Look here, for your sake, for our sake, for our world’s sake, for our children’s sake, please, we must change our habit of meat-eating into a vegan way of life.’”

“It is extraordinary that today, it was deemed that the evidence that we’ve submitted, 12,000 of it over, was not enough to warrant a hearing for a judicial review. Absolutely unbelievable. But we’re not done yet. We are going to battle on because we do aim, and absolutely aim, to scrap factory farming.”

“The Court needed to hear these arguments, needed to hear the witness statements of these really brave, really courageous, really committed claimants who brought this case not just for themselves but in the public interest and for humanity as a whole.”
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