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Veganism: The Noble Way of Living

Dr. John McDougall (vegan) on the Natural Diet of Humans, Part 1 of 2

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Dr. McDougall is a distinguished American physician, author of “The Starch Solution” plus 12 other books, a public speaker, and a famous proponent of the low-fat-starch-based diet.

“What happened is I was a young doctor. I was working on a sugar plantation on the Big Island of Hawaii. And what I had an opportunity to do was to take care of people who ate differently.

And so, I saw the first generation always trim, never with heart disease, never with diabetes, working hard into their 80s and 90s, living on rice and vegetables. And the children who developed a more “well-balanced” diet: They got fatter and sicker, you know, as they added the meat, the protein, the dairy, the calcium, they got fatter and sicker.

And what I found is that it's the food. That's why people are sick. They eat like kings and queens; they eat like aristocrats. And the wealthy throughout history were obese. They had the gout; they had diabetes. They had the sicknesses from eating the rich food.”

“And so, I realized I couldn't ask my patients to eat a starch-based diet, to give up the ice cream and the pork chops, and the pizzas, unless I did it. And so, I changed my diet back in 1976.”

“Now, I have a whole different dedication of my life, and that is to try and get people to understand that if we're going to save planet Earth, we must do the same things that I've done for 44 years to save my patients. You know, some scientific research says your burden on the planet will be reduced by 80% if you switch to a vegan diet, but it must be a starch-based diet.”

Dr. McDougall explains that this offers great hope for a return to our God-Given vegan diet. “Well, people naturally like starches. The human being is a starch eater. People find eye appealing, various curry dishes over rice, marinara sauce over pasta. You know, moo shu vegetables over rice. These are appealing to people: They not only look good, but they also smell good.”
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