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Between Master and Disciples

Practice More to Know Our Inner Great Power, Part 2 of 5, Nov. 05, 2017

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt)),Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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Many people don’t have (a) jobs, OK? (Yes.) Many people don’t have parents. Many people don’t have the Quan Yin Method to rely on, to lean on when they’re sad or troubled. You are a very lucky person. (Thank You, Master.) Very lucky. Be grateful for what you have, OK? (Thank You.) Don’t keep complaining all the time. Look at what you have. Don’t look at what you don’t have.

(Hallo, Master.) Hallo. (English OK?) English. No. (I’m sorry. I’m from Indonesia and it’s a bit of a personal problem. I’ve got a lot of problems in my life, including my family, my parents and my brothers who really expect too much from me. I have everything that I want except freedom. I really don’t know what I want. I have many things that I really want to do, but their thoughts are really different (from mine). I don’t know how to say it.)

What kind of lack of freedom? They don’t let you practice? They don’t let you eat vegetarian (vegan)? (No, my whole family is disciples of Master’s.) Then what’s the problem?

(The problem is: like I want to study in another country, and I want to have my own job actually.) Yeah. (I really want to have the freedom but) That’s normal. (they think that I’m the youngest, so they don’t trust me. They said that they are really tired of teaching me, and I’m really tired of their disappointment in me. I really don’t know what to do. I just...) Where do you want to go? (I don’t know.) Then how do we help you? (I really don’t know. I just want to go away from all of this. I am just... but that’s why I...)

Are you sure that if you go outside, you will feel better? (Like here I’m feeling much better. Like in my family, even though they love me so much, but it’s really...) How old are you? (I’m 20.) OK. (And I just really want to show them…)

You have to know what you want first, and then in order to ask them where you want to go and what you want to do. Otherwise you just say, “Oh, I want to. I don’t know where.” Of course they worry about you. (Yeah, like before I wanted to go to school. My brother, because Korea and America want to start a war (with each other), actually it’s not really a matter, my brother started to give that news to my daddy, so my parents are a bit scared so I cannot go. It’s like, it’s hard to understand.) You want to go to Korea? (No, I just want to go.) You just say you want go where? (I just want to be free from my family, to go away.) Maybe you don’t have to stay with them. Find a job outside of your family. (But they don’t allow me.)

Then what do you do? Just sit at home and eat? (They’re asking me to take care of the company, but I really don’t want to because I want to find another experience outside, like that.)

Why is that? If your parents have a company, right? (Yeah.) Then it’s good for you to continue to help them. (There is my brother to take care of it, and my family is always saying that I cannot be trusted. So) Why? (if I cannot be trusted, why do I have to stay in the company? I really want to find another way outside to find my success, like that.)

OK. First, you stay in your company. Earn some money. They pay you or not? (Yes.) OK, save that money. And as you get older, you have more credit, you do good in your company, they can trust you. You use your money, you go out, get an apartment, get a job.

(But the problem is every time I do, I always try to be the best in my family, but in the end, it is all messed up by me. I always do. But if I help people then it’s never a wrong thing. Like if I help my parents, my family, everything’s gone wrong even though I try my best. I really don’t know why.)

You are young. Maybe not experienced, number one. Number two, you have something against their idea inside you, so you just, (Yes.) subconsciously don’t like to do the best. Just want to mess up so they kick you out. But like that is not the way, OK? (Yes.) Wherever you are, try your best over there. (I always try my best.) Concentrate. Do the best job. And then because the more you go against them, the more trouble you have inside and the atmosphere is no good. Your parents don’t feel comfortable. You don’t feel comfortable. So it’s better you just do your best as if you work for me. If you work for me, would you do your best? (Yes.) OK, then do that. (Thank You, Master.)

Because maybe God wants you to work there. That’s why whatever you try, you can’t go. So, try to work out your karma. And later after you pay it all whatever you owe… You know not in money or anything, (I know.) just maybe some binding in the former life. You pay it off, you meditate well, you pray, and one day, before you know it, you get free. And if you’re not free, so what?

Look how free you are. (Yes.) You see, in many countries people want to see me, they cannot come. They have no money or the government doesn’t let them. See that? Or they’ll be in prison or bound in the wheelchair or bound in the hospital forever, don’t even know when they can get out. That is real trouble. You still can walk around. Just do your best. Concentrate in there and pray every day and meditate, OK? (OK, Master.)

Just enjoy what you have, not ask for more than you don’t (have). (Yes, because I just don’t want to always disappoint them so I think it’s better that I go away first, then) Understand. (I find another experience.) Understand. But since they don’t allow you so what to do? You want to escape? (But maybe if Master allows, they will say yes.) Allow where? (Just, I don’t know.)

I cannot be responsible for you. Because if you go out, maybe something happens to you then they blame me. Then both your parents and I will feel very, very bad. So just try to bear that. Or... I don’t know, fall in love, get a man and then he takes you out. I hope so. What am I to do? I cannot go against your parents. I don’t want to.

They are older than you. They must have a reason. (The reason is because I’m a girl.) A girl. Yeah. (In Asia, girls are more protected.) Yeah, they are protective.

But you’re 20, it should be good. You don’t have any boyfriend? (I have.) Yeah, then what happened to the boy? (No, I just want to be independent. I don’t want to think much about my boyfriend.) You don’t want to marry, OK. (I want to.) Then what’s the use of having a boyfriend. He can’t help you. How can I help you? He’s a boy, a man and can’t help you. What am I to do? I’m just an old woman. Nobody listens to me. They pretend to listen, but I don’t think they listen. (OK, Master.) I don’t know. I’m so sorry, the situation, I know what it feels like.

(I know it’s paying off karma, but I don’t want them (to have) karma because of me. Their emotion becomes bad because of me. So I don’t want their karma to be increasing.) Be patient. (So that’s why I want to go away. I just don’t want) I am so sorry. (to make them feel more uncomfortable with me.) I understand, I understand. But it’s probably why you have to stay there because of karma. (Yes, maybe.) That’s why.

The more uncomfortable, the more you have to stay together. It’s a challenge, you know. (Yes.) Karma is like that. Mostly we cannot be with the one we like and we cannot do what we want. It just forces us to do things or to be with somebody we don’t really think of, want to be with forever. It’s like that.

Do you think I am in better situation than you? Family. They don’t let me go anywhere. I escape to Europe: I do my own thing, meditate a lot, but then they’re pulling me back, you see? See that? So I just make the best out of the situation.

(Yes, Master, thing is if I have a chance to go to another place, like staying away from my family for a while.) Tell them that. You don’t have like relatives somewhere? (I have my grandma but my family and my grandma are not really good.) Who? Who is not good? (Grandmom in Australia.) The grandma? (Yes.) Why not good? Go to her. (She’s not really accepting Master.) Don’t care, tell her nothing. You meditate inside. She doesn’t have to know. (She used to use magic, something like that in her life when she was young. So that’s why I don’t really want to stay with her. I understand.) That’s it? That’s all you have? Nobody else? (I think so. But me, myself, I can stay alone. That’s fine for me.)

Stay alone (It’s better.) is not always ideal. (But the more I grow up, the more I love to be alone.) Then just be alone in your room. (I can’t.) Why not? (My parents, my brothers always come to me. And in the morning, I have to go to the company. Just like that.) Whenever you can be alone. You have the whole night to be alone, no? (Yes.) Is that not enough? (I don’t really (think) that’s enough because my parents always come to my room and talking, talking like that.) Talking about what? (About lives, about the company, mostly the company.) All night? (Almost.) Almost. Then you don’t sleep? (I sleep. Not all night, I mean like almost every night and I go to sleep.)

Then you tell them, “I’m tired today. I need to wake up early to do my best job. If I don’t sleep well, I don’t meditate well, then I cannot do my best job. That’s why I mess up. So please let me rest.” (OK, Master.) Tell them that. Say, “I’m already not going anywhere. I listen to you. I work for your company, and I stay home, so please just...” (But I really don’t want to be in my parents’ company.) Then what should I do? You want me to… Never mind. You understand. (OK, Master.) Next one.

Don’t complain too much. Your life is good. (Thank You, Master.) Many people don’t have (a) jobs, OK? (Yes.) Many people don’t have parents. Many people don’t have the Quan Yin Method to rely on, to lean on when they’re sad or troubled. You are a very lucky person. (Thank You, Master.) Very lucky. Be grateful for what you have, OK? (Thank You.) Don’t keep complaining all the time. Look at what you have. Don’t look at what you don’t have.

I also don’t have many things. (OK.) Believe me. Believe me. (Thank You.) I don’t have freedom, not as much as you think I have. Of course I’m free. I can go anywhere, immediately I can walk to the airport, go to an airplane and go away from here. But I have responsibility. I love my people. They’re good for me. Your parents are also good for you. Your family is good for you. (I know.) You think you go out, then you’ll be free and you’ll have no trouble. It’s not like that. Maybe you go out, you’re too lonely. You suddenly realize that you cannot cope with too many things outside. And some people, any people come to you, and they just sweet talk and then you think they’re good, but they might be harmful to you, understand that? (Yes.) So your family is your protection. (OK, Master.)

You can go to work, you see, you can go. You can go outside and do, eating something, walk around. Think of the prisoners. They want your life, part of your life, even a little part of your life, they can’t have. Some people, their whole lifetime they have to stay in prison, can never get out. Some people are confined to bed forever with a lot of machines attached to their body. They could not even have one moment to walk out in the fresh air. Think about that. Don’t ask for too much. Be contented please. Really, really it is like that. (OK, Master.)

And the time comes before you know it, you’re free or you feel free inside that you don’t care where you live or whom you live with. Yeah, really, that’s the best freedom. We have to choose that. Because not everybody has everything they want. (OK, Master.) Not really. (I’m sorry.) No, it’s OK. (Thank You.)

I just want to remind you that you’re very lucky, OK? (Thank You, Master.) Yeah, because your company is your own company. That’s one thing. If you work for any other company, there are bad bosses, bad colleagues, you see, bad gossip, and you might be kicked out, you might be harassed. You might be, excuse me, even sexually harassed at work. Or people just give you a hard time for nothing, you know, for jealousy. Maybe you look better than them or maybe the boss likes you better or you’re more efficient, blah, blah, blah. You don’t know it. You’re too protected. OK, it’s also not all your fault but enjoy it while it lasts. (Thank You, Master. Thank You.) Next one.

(Beloved Master, Please reconnect my invisible telephone line, it’s broken.) Broken! (Yes, I did the [inner Heavenly] Sound meditation for three hours but still couldn’t hear the Sound anymore, Master.) How come? (I am old now and the line is broken.) No, it’s not that. It’s not broken. Maybe because you didn’t pay attention. You meditated and went into samadhi, so you didn’t pay attention. How could it be? This is not a physical telephone line, how can it be broken? OK? (Thank You, Master.) Continue to meditate. (Yes.)

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