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God's Covenant With Abraham, Part 2 of 4, Dec. 9, 2020

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“This folklore,” they said “is one of those stories, talking about Abraham who has realized the presence of one God, of the God, the one and only God, in contrary to all other natural worshipping systems before.” You know, like many gods at that time, worshipping many gods and many religious systems at that time.

“Now Abraham often pondered and talked to himself, saying thus: ‘How much longer do we have to focus on labor work? It is really not worthy when we have to obey the body for any other things except the earth. Because the earth produces vegetables and fruits, thus keeps us alive, sustains us. But we have to see the earth also needs rain. If there is no rain then…’ He said, ‘If the sky doesn’t open to allow rain to come down to the earth, then the earth also cannot produce anything.’ So Abraham changed his mind. He was thinking that anything else belongs to the physical, nothing is better than the earth, because the earth produces so many nutritious products to keep us alive. But then, he was thinking again, ‘No, but the earth needs rain.’” So he thinks the earth is not the number one either.

“So then he’s thinking, ‘Oh no, then only the sky is worthy for us to worship.’ Because before he was thinking, ‘Oh, everything just to take care of the body is not worthy. Working, working just to earn something to eat, or to survive, that’s not worthy. So the earth is better. We should better concentrate to worship the earth, not worship the body, not take care too much of the body.’ And then afterward he was thinking, ‘Oh, but the earth needs the rain.’ So now he thinks, ‘If the sky doesn’t allow the rain to come down, then the earth is useless.’ Thus, now he thinks the sky is more worthy to be worshipped. (Right.) And then he was seeing the Sun in the sky. He was thinking, ‘Oh no, the Sun gives the whole world brightness and brilliant color so that all the trees and fruits, and everything can grow.’ (Yes.) And then he said, ‘OK then, only the Sun is worthy for us to worship.’ (Yes.) And then the Sun set. He was thinking, ‘Huh? OK. Then like that, the Sun is not the God, is not the High Spirit,’” that’s what he meant. So the Sun is also not worthy enough for him to worship.

“And then after that, Abraham was thinking, he is weighing back and forth and he saw the Moon come out, and then many beautiful, brilliant stars in the sky. And how they brighten the dark night. So he said, ‘Oh, the Moon and the stars, only they are worthy for us to worship.’”

I am just checking if I am recording because you know how professional your Master is. Right? It’s recording. And is it plugged in? Ah, my God. One moment, I go check if… (Yes, Master.) if the electricity is on. Because when I don’t use the computer, I turn it off. (Yes, Master.) Oh, it’s on. All went as planned today. Not like last time, I recorded only the first eight minutes, they told me. And the rest just used a still photo. Never mind. Better than nothing. Imagine, a hundred years ago, where were you? Where was this computer? And even a mobile phone can record me and all that. Wow. It’s better when we see each other like this or not? (Yes, Master.) You can show your unshaven face. Your new handsome hat.

OK. Next time, girls, you improve. OK? (Yes.) Maybe your brother can help you. All right? I can’t. I can’t. Even this, they had to help me. Because I can’t do it. I don’t know how. I really cannot. Everything they prepared for me and then I just push a couple of buttons and I work. Or I type, I type with two fingers, and sometimes three. I’m getting better now. I type sometimes two and half, or three fingers now. Before only one, only one. I’m getting better all the time. Super woman, no? (Yes, Master.) You know how to please your Master, my ego.

“So now he’s thinking of worshipping the Moon and the stars instead. But then, in the morning, the Moon disappeared.” sometimes the Moon doesn’t stay all night. Right? (Yes.) It depends on when he was pondering, on where he was pondering all this. (Yes. Yes.)

So then, can you see me? (Yes, Master.) Oh, good. All right. Then everybody’s happy. So that we have a little bit more ambience. (Yes, Master.) Every time just talking, looking at the wall, and asking the wall, and hear the wall answer you with the voice of your Master. It looks really like Jewish. They go and touch the wall and worship the wall. (Yes.)

Kiss the wall. The Muslim faithful, also the same. It’s their memorial. The holy wall that’s left over from the ancient first temples when they first built it. And also, the same in Mecca, the holy place of Mecca. They have also the wall and people also go there and worship. So in their mind, they will remember the Master was there and the Prophet Muhammad was there, Peace Be Upon Him. (Yes, Master.) Or God has appeared there, so, they make it like a place of worship. So every year, hundreds of thousands, millions of people go there to worship the past Master and/or Prophet, or the past memory of God. Just like the Buddhists also go to Bodh Gaya to worship the Bodhi tree. (Yes, Master.) Although the Buddha is no longer sitting there, (Yes.) but the Bodhi tree is the symbol of the Buddha’s enlightenment and His blessings and His presence on our planet. Thus, they come and worship every year, or every day actually, not just every year. Just maybe certain times of the year, there are more than the normal time. (Yes, Master.)

“Then the Moon disappeared.” It does sometimes in the night. “And then he said, ‘Oh, then the Moon is also not worthy enough for us to worship as God, as Spirit of God.’” They call it God Spirit, but they mean God Almighty. (Yes.) “Abraham keeps looking, keeps thinking, keeps pondering and then he saw the Moon disappear and the morning star come out.”

Oh my God, in Thailand, I saw one morning star, I never saw such a big morning star like this before. I have never seen anywhere such a big morning star. So bright and so near, as if you could touch it (Wow.) with your staircase or steps or something. So big, so bright, about, oh, I don’t know, about this big, like my hand, (Wow.) right in front of me, and it was where I stayed. (Wow.) In the morning I saw it. Every day, every day, and I thought, “Oh my God, I don’t remember in my whole life, I’ve never seen such a big morning star like this. So bright and so big, ever so big.

So, “When this morning star,” I am not sure, I wasn’t there when Abraham was looking at it, “but when the morning star came, the Sun, the Moon and other stars disappeared.” Means almost morning already, so they faded. “So he said, ‘Oh then the Moon and stars also are not God, not for us to worship.’” Meaning not the Most High. (Yeah.) So “These are not our leader,” meaning spiritual leader, God Almighty. “‘How come that one appeared and the other disappeared?’” “He keeps thinking to himself like that.”

And they have written something here, probably from the author. It says, “This kind of phenomena or event we could compare to just like somebody was walking on the street, on the road, and then saw a very, very big citadel standing majestic there. And then, the traveler on the road wants to go inside, but he goes around, around, around the citadel’s outer wall but he could not see any entrance, thus he kept calling louder and louder if anybody was there to open or to show him the way, but no one answered him. And then he saw on the top of the wall, hangs a piece of white cloth. Then he talked to himself, ‘Oh surely in this citadel, there must be somebody inside the citadel. Because if no one is here, how come this one was hanging there and the other was taken away or one thing is taken away and the other one replaces it. And then the guardian of this citadel saw the traveler was so perplexed and kind of confused, so the guardian of the citadel talked to him. ‘Why do you worry so much? I am here. I am the guardian of this citadel.’ So similar with Abraham.”

This is probably some comment of the author. Says, “So similar with Abraham. When he saw something disappear and something else appear, then he would say, ‘If nobody is controlling, arranging or directing… If there is nobody who directs behind it, then this come and go cannot happen.’” You know, like something comes, something goes. “‘Thus, we should not bow our heads and worship these things, but we have to worship the One who is behind it, who controls it, who arranges it, or…” “‘the One who manages all this.’ And then, God, the Holiest Spirit,” that’s what they say here, meaning God, “saw that Abraham is so perplexed, so confused. So He told Abraham, ‘You, the one who loves righteousness and hates wickedness, I guarantee you that I will anoint you in order to promote you above everyone, all the generations in front, before and after you.’” Hes makes him above all generations. That’s what Hes said. Wow. Did God ever tell you that? No, huh? No, huh? (No, Master.) Hes probably did, but you’re too busy, working, Supreme Master TV calling, or then, when not busy, then too tired. No time. All right.

There’s no more? “This folklore,” they said “is one of those stories, talking about Abraham who has realized the presence of one God, of the God, the one and only God, in contrary to all other natural worshipping systems before.” You know, like many gods at that time, worshipping many gods and many religious systems at that time. “Here, the time that Abraham became awakened, that is the time of maturity. In all other stories before him, it should be like an adolescent story, adolescent time of religion, or maybe, some awakening through the curiosity of someone, by your mind, but not knowing the wonder, the mysterious wonder of the Universe, of God.”

OK. “God of Abraham and the Jewish people… is called Yahweh and is written like “Y-H-W-H” only. So, ‘Yahweh’ or ‘Y-H-W-H’ are the official ways to call, to address God or the Spirit of the Israeli people. And according to the viewpoint of Catholic believers, this word also symbolizes people, humans. That word has been used, has been translated wrongly,” according to the author. Not me I am not commenting. It says, “According to Catholics, wrongly translated, they say it’s Jehovah. But originally, it’s Yahweh.” That’s what they meant. That’s what they think.

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