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Professor Gary Francione (vegan) on Justice for Animal-People, Part 2 of 2



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On today’s show we will explore more insights from Professor Francione’s theories of animal-people rights.

Many who study the ethics of animal-people, question whether those in the animal-people kingdom have a morally significant interest in their own lives. Professor Francione shares his views with us. “Certainly, the animals we routinely exploit every day, they are sentient. They are subjectively aware. They can feel pain. I think that any sentient being values his or her life, however he or she values it. They value their lives. They're sentient beings.”

In 2021, Professor Francione published the book, “Why Veganism Matters: The Moral Value of Animals,” which is dedicated to all those who believe animal-people matter morally, but are not yet vegan. “We need to recognize that eating animals and animal products is not only morally bad, but as a matter of rationality, it's really silly. It's not good. It's counterproductive. It's irrational. So, what we need to do, is do a better job of educating people about the importance of a vegan diet for your health, the importance of a vegan diet for the health of the planet, because the data are absolutely clear. If we do not reduce by 75 to 95%, that's the number, 75 to 95% reduction in animal products, we will be unable to avoid climate catastrophe.”

“Veganism is not an option. Veganism is morally a moral necessity. If you think animals matter morally, then veganism is the only rational alternative. Vegetarianism doesn't work because there's no morally coherent distinction between meat and dairy and eggs or whatever. They all involve suffering. They all involve death. Look people, if you care about animals, if you care about the planet existing for your children and your grandchildren, etc., if you would like to try to live a life that is more free of illness, then it makes sense to get that stuff out of your diet.”
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